Nadia does the best pedicures I've ever had. I've been going to her for years and I followed her wherever she went. Now she owns her own salon and I couldn't be happier for her. I see her regularly for pedicures and brow wax and tints. She does a variety of facials and will choose what's best for your skin. I highly recommend her.




Nadia's mani-pedis have saved my hands and feet. I'm very pleased with her work, plus, you get a great view of the river from the chair.

Best facial on the planet! It's like getting a full night's sleep in an hour and waking up refreshed with a smooth and luxurious feeling face! Bar none the best pedicure ever as well! Nadia's vast knowledge of her profession makes her the best esthetician I have ever known! Recommend her to everyone!



Nadia is wonderful and the services are top of the line! She takes care to make sure every detail on your wish list is achieved. She goes above and beyond in her services and is so personable you'll leave feeling beautiful, refreshed, and perhaps with the feeling you've made a lifelong friend and helper. No matter whether it's a facial or other beauty treatment, she is expert at her craft. You'll want to be a frequent client! Just sign me: Appreciatively,



Thank you for taking care of my daughter's acne!



My skin looks absolutely the best after Collagen treatment and it was the best relaxing facial ever.

L. Thomas


I Found it! Dr. Spiller skincare my skin's dream!



After my visit I now will be coming for Facials every 4 weeks. My skin is feeling amazing.



FABULOUS FABULOUS PEDICURES. Best pedicures in the world! No kidding. Also, manicures, skincare, waxing, make-up, hair and a fabulous view of the mighty Columbia River!. Nadia is wonderful!


If you have never had a facial, pedicure or used her skin care products you are missing out! Make an appointment today for one of the best pedicures and facials you will ever experience and check out all of her other professional skin care services!

P. Acley

I had my facial hair removed very happy with the service and the price!


I began having pedicures with Nadia in 2005 at the Columbia River Day Spa upon Le Roy s recommendation. Not only she does fabulous pedicures but she is a wonderful person. She uses latest products and techniques. You leave feeling proud of your feet!


Nadia is excellent in the care of a patient, the facials and pedicures that she has done for me over the past 7 years are among the best I have had and appreciated the personal attention I received each time I had a treatment, if you want to feel like a queen be sure to see Nadia for a treatment. Worth it

Thank you!

E. Gorban.

Thanks I have all my brown spot gone.


I had a Facial and Micro-current on a Saturday afternoon with Nadia for the first time, and it was the most amazing, relaxing, feel great thing I have had done ever, Nadia was very accommodating, and knowledgeable, I totally enjoyed this visit, will go again, and highly recommend it for a splurge day to anyone, after all we all deserve it once in a while, right!


If you have not had a pedicure from Nadia you haven't leaved!


Had a great pedi last summer from Nadia. Look forward to a visit to her new salon when I return to the coast this summer. I think I'll take the trolley!


I had Facial with Nadia and it was the best Facial I had ever experienced and I tried allot, it worth your money, she uses advanced techniques and very knowledgeable of what she does, best massage ever and care she never looks at the clock and takes time for your treatment come and have one.


Nadia's Pedicures ROCK Best ever, money well spend there

need one you better go to Nadia.


My husband and I have known Nadia for 7 years and always look forward to our visits. Her professional and pleasant demeanor instantly makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed. Nadia has a wide range of services and is highly skilled and knowledgeable. We both have found Nadia's treatments to be very effective. We appreciate her focus on natural and non-toxic products. She gives the best pedicures and Facials in Astoria and we are lucky to have her in town. R & M, Astoria

I've had a Brazilian wax from Nadia and I got the most skilled and professional service ever, she is very confident of what she does and I've had gone to many places before. I highly recommend her services.


More to come!